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Reggio Emilia

Reggio Emilia - Understanding Reggio Emilia

Loris Malaguzzi was one of the most important figures in twentieth-century education. Devoting much of his life to early childhood education and to the municipal schools for young children in the Northern Italian city of Reggio Emilia, he has gained an international reputation in this sector.

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Reggio Emilia - The 100 Languages of Children

They say that there are a hundred languages of children. Unique to the Reggio philosophy is the idea that every child has a hundred languages. They learn using many forms of expression, including clay, paper making, dance, drama and musical instruments.

The Hundred Languages of Childhood Know No Age Bounds

Rich children are born with a ‘hundred languages’, the term he used to suggest the many and diverse ways children can express themselves and relate to the world – ranging from manifold forms of art to maths, sciences and…

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