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National Childhood Network (NCN)

Cross Border Collaboration


Cross Border Collaboration

National Childhood Network has a long history of cross border collaboration with Northern Ireland through peace initiatives.  The Border Counties Childcare Network (BCCN) of which we were then known was a regional organisation originally set up to be an inter-agency, inter-regional, cross-sectoral group that drew together a broad range of individuals committed to promoting the delivery of quality Early Years and After School Services.   The organisation was set up with peace funding in its very early days. 

The BCCN became the National Childhood Network which now has a broader national focus but still carries out the same function of working with others in the delivery of quality early years and afterschool services.    NCN has continued to partner with others through the various peace programmes in the pursuit of peace and reconciliation across the Island of Ireland.   

Sharing From the Start

Together with our partners Early Years, The Organisation for Young Children, Fermanagh Trust and others we support early childhood services, educators, children and families to pursue the themes of quality, diversity and inclusion in all its multiple forms.

For other examples of cross border working see our partnering section.

Here is an example of our current cross border work on a programme known as Sharing from the Start.