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Froebel - Kindergarten

Banchoff described Froebel’s philosophy as follows: If children could be stimulated to observe geometric objects from the earliest stage of their education, these ideas would come back to them again and again during the course of their schooling, deepening with each new level of sophistication. The rudimentary appreciation of shapes and forms at the nursery level would become more refined as students developed new skills in arithmetic and measurement and later in more algebra and geometry. 



Friedrich Froebel’s Gifts Connecting the Spiritual and Aesthetic to the Real World of Play and Learning

Friedrich Froebel, the German educator and founder of the Kindergarten Movement, developed a series of play materials including geometric building blocks and pattern activity blocks designed to teach children about forms and relationships found in nature. Froebel’s notions about using activity and play in preschool education complement many principles of early childhood education used in contemporary schools.

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